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Braza Strapless Angel

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Braza Strapless Angel S3500
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The most dependable strapless underwire adhesive bra available. Oversized side tabs allow for secure, reliable and comfortable backless, strapless support. Can be used up to 50 times.

Colors: Nude, Black

Cup sizes: A, ONY
Please refer to the Fitting Tips tab when ordering

Style #S3500 from Braza

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Fits these sizes only
A Cup Fits
B Cups Fits
C Cup Fits
D Cup Fits
Not recommended for larger sizes.
Before wearing this bra:

Skin preparation: We have supplied several packages of a skin preparation product. Before using the bra, open one package and clean the area under your arms where the adhesive tabs will be applied. This product cleans your skin of oils, lotions and powder residue on your skin. It also sets up an invisible barrier between your skin and the adhesive on the bra. We strongly recommend that you use the skin preparation for the best results. One package is a adequate for each use. When you run out of the skin preparation it can be found in most major drug stores.

Important: Do not apply body oil, lotions, perfumed or powders anywhere near the adhesive tabs prior to applying.

Applying the Strapless Angel bra: 1. While standing in front of a mirror; lean forward and place breasts into cups
2. Without removing the adhesive liners; look in mirror and adjust bra in desired position.
3. Now you can remove the adhesive liner on the one side and adhere to skin
4. Remove second liner with one hand as you use the other to hold bra in place.
5. While using one hand to hold bra in desired location, adhere the second tab to your skin.

Removing the bra:
Peel the side tabs off slowly, one side at a time. If any adhesive residue remains on the skin, simply wipe away with a soft cloth.

Caring for your bra:
Always wash your Strapless Angel bra’s adhesive tabs after each use to remove natural body oils. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. (Do not rub hard since this could compromise the adhesive for further use) Air dry before placing liners back on adhesive tabs. When you want to wash the entire bra; do so by hand in warm soapy water. Do not wring or squeeze bra. Do not machine wash or dry since the adhesive surface may be ruined and adhesive may stick to other clothing in your machine. Your Adhesive Angel bra will last up to 50 times if used and cleaned properly. Avoid touching the adhesive area or allowing it to touch any surface other than your skin or liner.

Storing your bra: Once dry, replace the liners over the adhesive tabs and store in the original box.

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