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Amoena Balance Contact Partial Breast Form

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Amoena Balance Contact Partial Breast Form 272A
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The Amoena Balance line of symmetry shapers was designed to provide optimal breast symmetry and balance in a variety of shapes. This contact triangular form self-adheres to the breast for optimal fit and comfort. Works with your favorite bra! Color: Ivory. Sizes: 1-10

Style #272Afrom Amoena Everyday Value $270.00

  • Self-Adhering
  • Natural Shape
  • Can be used with any bra!

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  • Application:
  • Thoroughly cleanse your chest wall with soap and warm water. Afterwards, make sure the area is totally dry. The cleaner and drier your skin, the better the form adheres.
  • Put the breast form, with the Back Pad attached, into your bra. Move it around until you find the right spot. Hold it there. Slide your bra strap down. Outline the top of the form with the marking pencil.
  • Remove the bra, remove the Back Pad from the breast form and raise your arm slightly.
  • Line up the top of the form with the pencil marks. Gently press along the edges to secure the form to your body. Remove the pencil marks with soap and water being careful not to get the adhesive wet.
  • You'll want to put your bra back on immediately because the Contact breast forms are self-adhering but not self-supporting. They are designed to be worn with a bra at all times.


  • Grasp the breast form with now hand and lean forward until you feel the weight of the breast form in your hand.
  • Now pull the breast form carefully from the underarm towards the sternum until the edges begin to come away from the body.
  • Now increase the pressure until the breast form comes completely away from the chest wall. If the adhesive surface of the Contact breast form sticks together during removal, it can be separated by placing the breast form under running water.


  • Cleaning your Contact breast form is important both for hygiene and to enhance adhesion to your skin. Before cleaning your breast form, remove all rings and jewelry. Put three drops of the Amoena Soft Cleanser on the dry adhesive surface.
  • Moisten the brush with luke warm water and scrub the adhesive surface firmly for about 3 minutes in circular movements applying pressure.
  • Rinse with plenty of luke warm water.
  • Allow to air-dry or use a hairdryer on a medium setting. Store your Contact breast form with the protective covering in place in its box and cradle.

    Success Tips:

  • Do not use cream-based or oil-based soaps with moistures to clean your chest wall. These will hinder the adhesion of your Contact breast form.
  • Do not apply deodorant, perfumes, powders, lotions to sunscreen to the chest area.
  • If your Contact breast form detaches during wear, simply press it back against your skin and it should re-adhere. If this does not work, you may have moisture build-up on your chest wall. Take the breast form off, use a towel to dry off any moisture on y0ur chest wall and then press the breast form back to your skin.
  • If you have difficulty removing your Contact breast from, add a small amount of Amoena Soft Cleanser and warm water to the adhesive.
  • It's important to get your breast form as clean as possible, so, if you need to scrub the breast form more than once, do not hesitate.
  • Never use paper towels or bath towels to dry the adhesive surface of your Contact breast form-these can leave lint on the adhesive surface and hinder adhesion.
  • Storing you Contact breast from in its box and cradle will help maintain its natural shape.
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