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Mediven® Harmony Arm Sleeve

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Mediven® Harmony Arm Sleeve 1802
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The high-quality, comfortable and effective round knit solution for arm lymphedema. An ellipse on the point of the elbow and in the elbow crease offer freedom of movement in daily life. High wall stability with a gentle touch. Innovative fabric structure stimulates the tissue and exerts a pleasant massage effect. Silicone top band keeps sleeve in place comfortably all day.

Color: Sand

  • Compression level: 20-30mmHG

    Sizes: II (2), III (3), IV (4).
    See fitting tips for sizing guide.

    Other sizes available through special order.

    For sanitary reasons these items are not returnable.


  • Shoulder arm vein thrombosis.
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic edema.
  • Primary and secondary stage lymphedema of the arm.


  • Innovative fabric with effective containment.
  • Ellipses in the crease of the elbow and on the point of the elbow for extra comfort.
  • Comfortable top band holds securely.
  • Latex free.
  • Natural moisturizing properties of Lanolin.
  • Can be worn with a Gauntlet hand piece for reducing accumulation of fluid in the hand while wearing the arm sleeve.
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  • Measurements are taken against the skin (not tight or loose)
  • Ideally, while standing
  • Mark the height & circumference to ensure that measurements are taken at the same location

  • A = circumference: fingers together; measure the width of the hand at the end of the fingers (for gauntlet only)
  • C = circumference: measure at the wrist crease
  • E = circumference: measure at the elbow crease (for arm sleeve only)
  • G = circumference: measure middle of bicep (for arm sleeve only)
    All measurements are in centimeters
    "G" extra-wide
    28-31 cm
    30-34 cm
    32.5-36.5 cm
    34.5-39.5 cm
    36.5-41.5 cm
    41-46.5 cm
    44.5-50.5 cm
    "G" standard
    25-28 cm
    27.5-31 cm
    31.5-36 cm
    33.-37.5 cm
    35.5-40.5 cm
    37.5-42.5 cm
    "E" extra-wide
    24-26.5 cm
    26-29.5 cm
    28-31.5 cm
    29.5-34 cm
    31.-35.5 cm
    33-37.5 cm
    35-40 cm
    38-43 cm
    "E" standard
    23-25 cm
    24-27 cm
    25.5-29 cm
    27-31 cm
    28.5-32.5 cm
    30-34.5 cm
    32-36.5 cm
    34.5-39.5 cm
    14-16 cm
    15.5-18 cm
    17-20 cm
    18.5-21.5 cm
    20-23.5 cm
    22-25.5 cm
    24.5-28.5 cm
    15-18 cm
    15.5-19.5 cm
    16.5-20.5 cm
    18.5-23 cm
    19.5-24 cm
    21.5-26 cm
    23.5-28 cm
    25.5-30 cm
  • Fabric: 66% Polyamide, 34% Elastane

    For easy daily care: Mediven® Harmony sleeves and gloves may be machine washed and air dried.
    Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softeners.

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